Working with industry

For over 20 years the ACFR has help transform many Australian industries through the design, development, deployment, integration and commercialisation of field robotic and intelligent systems. The ACFR has considerable expertise in taking strategic and applied research related to field robotics and intelligent field systems through to integration into operation, and has also actively consulted to industry and government.


The ACFR has considerable expertise and experience in the:

  • design and development of guidance, navigation and control systems;
  • design and development of automated vehicles, vehicle control, condition monitoring and safety systems;
  • development of appropriate sensor and embedded computing hardware;
  • development of large scale intelligent software systems; and
  • demonstration of field robotics and intelligent systems.

We undertake contract research and development of:

  • automated industrial vehicles;
  • cargo handling and haulage systems;
  • automated mining and construction vehicles;
  • remote undersea platforms; and
  • aerospace systems.