Postgraduate students (Graduate study at ACFR)

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) is a centre of teaching and research consisting of 120 staff and students located in a stand-alone research centre in the University of Sydney campus. The ACFR undertakes research and development of large-scale field robotic systems. The Centre receives funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), industry, private funds, and consulting and contracts. The ACFR is very well equipped with substantial electronics, aeronautical and mechanical fabrication, sensor development facilities, and lots of robots.

ACFR's objective is to develop both fundamental and applied research programs in field robotics that encompass the development of new theories and methods in robotics, and the deployment of these in targeted industrial applications.

Prospective graduate students from aeronautical, mechatronics, electrical, mechanical, computer engineering, mathematics and science disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Research Topics

If you are interested in doing Honours, Masters or a PhD and want to see our current list of research topics, visit our thesis topics.


Prospective students are encouraged to apply for appropriate University scholarships. In particular, the following scholarships may be of interest (APA and IPRS rates will normally be topped-up by the ACFR):

  • Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) for Australian & New Zealand citizens (closing dates are around end October & end May, and general requirements are for a first class undergraduate honours degree). Further information can be found at the Scholarships Office
  • The Scholarships Office also has information for international students
  • also see information under Scholarships at ACFR.

Some of our projects also come with full industry funded scholarships.


You should talk to one of us before making an application. Here are some useful sites with other information and application forms: