Defence Projects

Multi Modal Adaptive SLAM

Mutli SLAM

Multi Modal Adaptive SLAM is a joint project with the South Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD), to focus on robust multi-modal “simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)” technology. The project aims to study the use of different sensor modalities including 3D LIDAR, FMCW RADAR and vision, to provide a fully redundant SLAM system for ground vehicles.

Persistent Perception

Argo Persisting

A AFOSR/AOARD funded project on “Sensor Data Integrity and Mitigation of Perceptual Failures” which focuses on the characterisation and mitigation of perceptual failures.

The Centre for Intelligent Mobile Systems

Shrimp and Mantis

The Centre for Intelligent Mobile Systems (CIMS) was established in partnership with BAE Systems with the aim to undertake research and representative experimentation in the area of intelligent systems, to mature technology relevant to BAE Systems in the current and future defence and security sector.

Centre of Expertise (COE) in Defence Autonomous and Uninhabited Vehicle Systems

Argo at Woomera

A joint collaboration with Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) that focused on research and development in autonomous and uninhabited systems for defence.

The focus of the collaboration was to enable a broad range of projects on multi-vehicle systems and the integration of uninhabited air, ground, and underwater vehicle systems.

Aerospace Defence Projects

Aerial Robotics and UAVs for Cooperative Team UAVs

The ACFR has conducted a number of aerospace defence and security research projects with the US Air Force, BAE Systems, ST Aerospace, Ministry of Defence UK and the US Office of Naval Research. More information can be found in the
aerospace research page.