Small flyer

Short description

Small flyer

Current work on micro aerial vehicles (MAV) concentrates on the development of accurate self-estimation and obstacle avoidance methods using vision sensor(s).



  • Oliver Frank
  • Jairo Gomez-Escobar


The Small Flyer project is organised around the following major research themes:

  • design and calibration of catadioptric omnidirectional (computational) imaging system
  • 3D reconstruction methods, stereo-vision and optic-flow algorithms for omnidirectional depth perception, and
  • advanced avionic systems using hybrid optical-inertial sensing.

Long description

  • This project aims at developing and demonstrating innovative visual sensing approaches and technologies to provide a small-flyer (i.e. small flying drone) with the perceptive and motive abilities to move within the real world in the same way as an insect does.
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  • Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Grant

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