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Fish bird - wheelchair

Fish-Bird Circle B – Movement C is an interactive autokinetic artwork that investigates the dialogical possibilities between two robots that communicate with each other and with their audience through the modalities of movement and written text.



  • David Rye - Robotic system design
  • Steve Scheding - Software Architecture
  • Stefan Williams - Tracking System
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Fish-Bird installed at Artspace, Sydney, 2006

To place Fish-Bird within a contemporary art context, we argue that it confronts major continuing issues and concerns regarding interaction through the human/machine interface. The dialogical approach taken in this work both requires and fosters notions of trust and shared intimacy. It is intended that the technology used will be largely invisible to the audience. Going further than a willing suspension of disbelief, a lack of audience perception of the underlying technological apparatus focuses attention on the poetics and aesthetics of the artwork, and promotes a deeper psychological and/or experimental involvement of the participant/viewer.

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  • Australian Research Council
  • Australia Council for the Arts
  • Australian Network for Art and Technology
  • Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  • Patrick Technology and Systems

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