Autonomous urban platform

Short description

Autonomous urban platform

The project combines research in navigation and mapping with a modular reusable implementation.



  • Alex Brooks
  • Tobias Kaupp
  • Stefan Williams
  • Duncan Mercer
  • Seward ('Chip') Pulitzer (past personnel)


Segway on a hill

The main objective of the project is reliable long-term operation of a robotic ground vehicle in an outdoor environment.

Our plan is to achieve this goal in three steps:

  1. Build a reliable hardware/software combination.
  2. Using this platform, pursue new research in navigation, terrain classification, obstacle avoidance.
  3. Demonstrate long-term (several hours) operation of the vehicle in an outdoor urban environment.

Start and end dates

  • Start - 2005
  • End - ongoing

Long description

  • To achieve the desired level of hardware reliability we use a commercial platform purchased from Segway.
  • We see modular component-based architecture as key to software quality and scalability. The requirements of this project partly drive the open-source Orca project.
  • We hope that having access to a reliable robot with significant payload capacity and power will allow us pursue interesting experimental research on outdoor navigation, obstacle avoidance, visual terrain classification, etc.


  • Australian Defence Force

Type of project

  • Research -
  • Project - Others
  • Active - yes