Automatic cooking technologies

Short Description

automatic cooking oven

The project was collaborative research with Electrolux, aimed to explore and develop sensing, estimation and control technologies to enable automatic and near optimal oven-based cooking of foodstuffs.



  • Dunant Halim


  • To investigate and develop appropriate multi-sensor systems to monitor/estimate foodstuff temperature, mass and moisture content, and foodstuff chemical/protein changes.
  • To develop algorithms for on-line estimation and learning of foodstuff parameters, especially unobserved internal parameters such as foodstuff structure, temperature and moisture content, and
  • To develop oven control mechanisms which appropriately apply knowledge of optimal cooking profiles to measured/estimated foodstuff values.

Long Description

The project concentrated on exploring the following tasks:

  1. Food Modeling
    During the cooking process, chemical and physical changes are occurring within the food. These changes can determine the transition from the uncooked/raw state to the cooked state of foodstuff, involving particular food quality measures such as the foodstuff surface condition, internal temperature and moisture content. The science of cooking is thus explored for developing a food model to better understand how the cooking process may affect these food quality measures.
  2. Sensing
    Various appropriate sensors are investigated to allow important foodstuff parameters to be monitored, which will be crucial for controlling the cooking process. The sensing measurements can include the foodstuff temperature, mass and moisture content. The integration of the multi-sensor system into the oven is investigated in this task.
  3. Estimation
    A number of foodstuff parameters such as the food internal temperature may not be able to be directly measured so to require certain estimation process to obtain hidden states of foodstuff. This estimation will be performed on-line and the obtained estimated parameters will then be fed back to the controller.
  4. Control
    Having obtained the necessary foodstuff parameters which can be related to the food quality measures, the integration of an automatic control system into the oven will be investigated. A number of different modern control techniques will be considered to achieve an autonomous cooking system with satisfactory performance and stability robustness.


  • ARC Linkage, Electrolux, CAS

Type of Research