RTCMA activities


The aim of RTCMA is to develop and implement the vision of a fully autonomous, remotely operated mine. This is a major research and development effort with a clear focus on delivering leadership in mining automation The Centre is structured around three main programmes:

  • Technology: The objective of the technology programme is to apply and develop existing and new technology to the automation of current mining operations. The programme aims to rapidly field automation systems in areas such as drilling, loading and haulage, and to integrating these into a coherent mining automation system.
  • Research: The objective of the research programme is to develop and field key enabling technologies for automated and remote mining. These include sensing, data fusion, machine learning, machine control and mine systems engineering. The programme aims to build a substantive and unique research strength in mining automation technologies and systems.
  • Training: The objective of the training programme is to deliver new skills and trained graduates in mining automation. The programme aims to enable Rio Tinto to support and make best use of automation systems across its global operations.